The Weekender (February 19)

Preaching and living out the gospel, even when it’s costly

“If the church speaks the gospel message far and wide, but doesn’t intervene for the needy and the voiceless, and if we don’t teach our people to help them, then we’re not fulfilling the entire great commission, only one part of it.”

Loving your children means leading them to risk everything

“Fellow parents, what has God placed in our quivers? Are children not ‘like arrows in the hand of a warrior’ (Psalm 127:4)? In this new season of adventure, let us reinforce God’s mission by sharpening and sending our arrows much further than we ourselves have gone.”

The seven costs of disciple-making

“In the end, disciple-making is costly because it demands continuously giving — giving time, giving energy, giving attention, taking initiative, making sacrifices, facing opposition, losing privacy, embracing obscurity, even shedding tears.”

Stop calling everything a Bible study

“The late Howard Hendricks challenged aspiring Bible teachers with this principle: Never do for your students what they can do for themselves. If it’s called a ‘Bible study,’ it should be a place where the disciple is learning to do the good work, where he learns how to be ‘a worker unashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.'”

Interview with Francis Chan about the church planting movement he’s a part of

This is probably the best look inside what they’re doing in San Francisco I’ve heard.


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