The Weekender (January 29)

The Weekender is a weekly feature that brings you 5 things discipleship-related worth checking out, including blog posts, articles from around the web, books, resources, and more. Browse through The Weekender archives for more.

How black and white Christians do discipleship differently

As one of the white Christians, I’m learning just how much we have to learn from our African-American (and other) brothers and sisters.

Our silence for Jesus says volumes

“What does our silence do? It increases the suffering of believers in persecution.”

What dictates truth in our culture

Gabe Lyons with a timely tweet:

Hopeful shifts in church planting

While there’s much to decry in our culture and churches, there is also much reason for hope. From the NAMB blog:

“To say that I am euphoric about the new conversation that is happening within church planting circles would be an understatement. Exchanges that have progressed from ‘planting a church’ to ‘planting a kingdom movement’ are key indicators that we may be heading toward a more hopeful future. I have written extensively about this in the past because it is my earnest conviction that only through the practical implementation of this dialogue will we ever see a reversal of gospel fortunes that may finally have an effect within our post-Christian world.”

A dictionary post worth reading

Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary has a really helpful definition for disciple and discipleship. Read this if you think you have a holistic understanding of either term (and learn just how much you’re missing).

Quote worth sharing

“The gospel has come to us because it is heading to someone else.” – Robby Gallaty in Redefining Discipleship


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