The Weekender (January 22)

How can we die to self and live for Christ in the midst of comfort?

“How can we put ourselves in places of discomfort while living in our comfortable houses, shopping in our comfortable stores, and eating our comfortable food?

How can we be grateful for our many blessings, while also pushing ourselves to grow in new ways?”

Similar questions have been raised here, particularly in relation to caring for the poor.

What if joy is supposed to be our primary metric of ministry success?

“I began to wonder if joy was the metric for ministry success I longed for. If the gospel has the power to make an entire city joyful. If disciples of Jesus are to be joyful people because of the Spirit’s work. Joy had to be a way to measure ministry health and success.”

Do you know what the gospel costs you?

Because it definitely comes at a cost. So good:

“Church, the gospel lays claim to us all. Christ lays claim to our ambitions, our money, our minds, our work, our children, and, yes, even our sexual activity. We cannot lay out for the unconverted a Christianity that will ‘make life better,’ when in fact faith in Jesus often makes life more difficult because the priceless value of knowing Him comes at a cost to self. We become no longer our own; everything we are and do must be submitted to someone else–namely Christ.”

Who is included in the call to care for widows and orphans?

Loved this biblical and practical look into the question.

Favorite quote of the week

I’m reading David Mathis’s Habits of Grace right now. This is how it starts:

“The grace of God is on the loose. Contrary to our expectations, counter to our assumptions, frustrating our judicial sentiments, and mocking our craving for control, the grace of God is turning the world upside down. God is shamelessly pouring out his lavish favor on undeserving sinners of all stripes and thoroughly stripping away our self-sufficiency.”

Not a bad opening!

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