The Weekender (January 15)

The Weekender is a weekly feature where each Sunday we’ll pass along 5 things discipleship-related worth checking out, including blog posts and articles from around the web, books, resources, and more.

My discontent with discontentment

This one really resonated:

“I am not content. I’m not even content with that sentence. I should’ve written: ‘I am discontent.’ But that’s not really perfect either, since I’m not always discontent. Perhaps I needed to write: ‘I am almost never content.’ Although why would I use two words, ‘almost never’ when one simple adverb – such as ‘seldom’ – would have sufficed? Let’s start over, then.”

A new leadership development resource designed to address some major problems

This looks really interesting. We need more resources aiming to do the same things. Especially in light of what it will take to reach so much of the world’s unreached, among whom, “Over 90 percent of all our tools for evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training has been produced for highly literate people.” That means we need to rethink how we even teach those people the Bible. 

The true nature of discipleship

“The goal is not a crowd, but rather a core of committed Christ followers who are fleshing out the life of Christ at work, in their marriage, their parenting, their finances, their thinking, their politics, their…

… everything.”


Something for millennials to consider

Coming from a millennial, this is something I would love to see more of:

“So here’s my question for those who keep writing incessantly about what the church needs to do to win you as a Millennial: have you considered that the problem might not entirely be the church?

You’ve identified a bunch of problems. Great. So what are you doing to change them in your local church? If you want authentic community, how are you a part of building that? If you want to be heard, how are you serving faithfully? If you’re concerned about caring for the poor, what are you doing to be an example? If you’re concerned about people’s faith being lived out, how is the Holy Spirit prompting you to pursue Christ as you pray and read the Scriptures?”

Redefining what it means to be a missionary, and Christian

“We are every day missionaries, and God has positioned each of us in a unique way to take part in His history-sweeping mission. From high school students to retirees, from stay-at-home moms to business executives—we each have a part in the greatest story ever told. This is a story about an extraordinary love and relentless pursuit of an undeserving people.”

Really hopeful to see what comes of this. Such an important conversation, especially for an crucial organization like NAMB.


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